How to set up a notification?

Notifications are a way of notifying the end-user about an event that has occurred in the field of view of his camera (Alerts).
Camdog offers 5 types of notification to choose from:
Phone SMS notification ( we charge an additional service cost for this type of notification. $0.009 per one SMS)
Notification by e-mail
Notification via Facebook messenger
Web push notification in the browser
Push notifications via the mobile application

In order to set a notification, you need to press a notification icon 

The next step is to choose the type and frequency of notification:

Choose the type and notification level. Please note that SMS and mobile notifications require a real phone number to work with.

A high level of notification will order Camdog to send you each notification that we get. (It limited to 4 per second)

(Please note that this quantity can be huge! Be careful with using it with SMS for example because you can get a pretty impressive service bill!)

Besides that, you can choose a custom type of notification level from 1 to 60 seconds between each notification.

Each notification button work in trigger mode. You can turn on/off notification type.


You should allow using web push notifications in your browser!

For Google Chrome for example:

When you press the Web-push button you will get this screen at the upper right corner of your browser

Press on the bell icon and allow the notifications.

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