Detection modules description

Camdog service is able to propose you a few detector modules.

If you need to protect, for example, your real estate somewhere in the countryside, the Human detection module can help you. You can select a specific area around your property and set up a virtual perimeter for protection. Any person who gets into the protection zone will instantly be recorded and you will immediately receive a notification by phone/email/web-push notification informing you someone entered an area you designated as restricted. You can see the whole story. Everything is recorded by our CAMDOG software.

Of course, everyone knows these “brave” guys. They look for the easiest thing to steal and the easiest way to steal it. Highlight your front door.  The Object detection module monitors it 24/7. Anyone who enters that area will be photographed and you will have a record of their intrusion onto your property. Besides people, we detect 80 classes of objects and animals. So you will see cars, backpacks, dogs, cats and so on.

Feel free to call the police and send them a photo to give them a head start on apprehending the intruder.

Have you recently bought a car? You love it and take good care of it. Highlight the area in front of your garage.  will guard it and keep a record of what goes on there. There will always be someone who wants to have "too much fun" at your expense.  You may have already encountered these types. What they don’t know is that CAMDOG mode is watching them. We’ll photograph them for you. Feel free to call the police and send them a photo to start the investigation.

Unfortunately, the threat of terrorist attacks is currently very high. They try to do us harm quietly, imperceptibly, and unexpectedly. We do what we can to protect ourselves, but it may not be enough! Highlight the areas around your house. Our Loitering detection module will record any suspicious activity and alert you. Our advanced, deep-learning algorithms do not pay attention to simple passersby. Only to those who show certain characteristics that could indicate danger to your home!

ALPR recognition mode. Is your home being watched? The neighbors tell you there was a suspicious car near your home in the afternoon. No problem. Indicate the area and let the CAMDOG system take photos of all the cars which come into the area. It will show you the type of car, make, model and most likely a license plate number. If you have any doubts about your safety, call the police and show them the photos.

Select the module you need the most and protect yourself!

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