How to work with alerts?

The Alert means that the camera triggered somebody or something suspicious during protecting mode. You can see a relevant snapshot and video in the Alerts section. 

To view the camera's alerts, click on the Alerts menu.

By default, the most recent alerts for today are performed. 

(1) You can choose the date to see the alerts. 

(2) The machine detects alerts at a rate of several alerts per second. Alerts similar in date are grouped into an Incident. You can see the start and end date of the incident(alert group).

By clicking on a specific incident, you will see a video fragment (3) where alerts were recorded. The detection mode in which the number of alerts included in this incident is recorded.
(5) If the number of incidents is too much, you can load more and forward.

(6) You can delete Incidents by pressing the delete button.

(4) You can press the button to investigate your Alerts. 

 In the pop-up window, you can see the list of alerts.

Choose оne for clear investigation.

You can press the Video button to see the video with the timestamp of alerts. You can save the alert image by pressing Save.

Also, you can Resize to the original image and see objects that triggered the alert.

Also, you can delete an alert, by pressing the Delete button.

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