How to work with alerts?

 The Alert means that the camera fixed somebody or something suspicious during protecting mode. You can see a relevant snapshot into the Alerts section. 

To view all cameras alerts, click on the Alerts menu.

By default, the camera which has the last time savings in cameras drop-down list will be displayed in the camera field first.

Select the desired camera by clicking on the drop-down list next to the word Camera.

 By default, the most recent alerts for today are performed.

 If there is no activity for today, you can click the calendar icon.

If you want to see alerts for some precise time period, select start date and end date (highlighted in green date period in between) and click show alerts button. All alerts for a given time period will appear.

If alerts are too much, you can scroll them back and forward.

In order to view the given alert closer, click on it with the left mouse button.

 In the pop-up window, you can see the time of the event, which detector worked and the detection zone with the object to be triggered.

To delete an alert, click the Delete button. If you want to delete a lot of alerts immediately, click Select mode and check alerts you want to delete. 

If you need an alert for some personal needs (for example, as a proof in court) save it on the desktop or your mobile phone by clicking Share. 

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