How to create and use Locations?

In order to create a camera, first, we need to create a location.  Location displays a list of your added places and a list of cameras that are inside the place.

To create a new location, click the green circled button with a cross at the right-bottom corner. Enter the name and save it. 

While creating a camera, you have to select one of the recently created locations in the drop-down list.  


Once a new camera is created, the selected location automatically "acquires" a Google map, where the created camera is pointed. 

You can create as many cameras for one location as you want.

In your locations section, you can go to the given camera profile/profiles, edit the location name or delete your location. When deleting, all cameras inside the given location are also deleted.

Locations help you to manage your cameras. You can easily do it by selecting their locations in the drop-down list. 

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