How to run camera? Work with scheduler.

Camera Launch + Scheduler (Camera profile)

To start the camera, you need to click on the “Protect-unprotect” button. After clicking, the user can select Manual mode.

To stop the camera, we need to come back to the camera profile and click on the “Protect-unprotect” button again.

Manual mode - simply starts monitoring. Users can start and stop it at any time (stop button).



Schedule mode gives you an opportunity for delayed start and stops monitoring. Users can perform this procedure for any particular repetition and take advantage of any pre-made templates.

You can select single action or use profiles for multiple repeat actions.

The simplest, Does not repeat mode, is about start date/time - stop date/time action. Also, you can switch on your camera every weekday, every weekend or every day. If time option is not needed - select all day. So, Your camera is on all the weekend/weekdays/every day or any selected date period.

For multiple actions select Custom recurrence mode. Here you can see 2 conditions: How often/when we should repeat some action and when we should finish up. 

You can repeat your camera action, for example, every fifth day or each second week on Monday and Wednesday. Also, a user is able to launch his security system every third month on the 5th calendar day (5th of January, 5th of March, 5th of June, etc).

So, you took the decision of how often the camera should work. Now we have to decide when it should be stopped. You have an opportunity not to point it in Custom recurrence (Never), select some concrete end day (On), or stop the camera after some working periods (After N occurrences).

Finally, we selected everything needed and saved the Custom recurrence profile. The only thing you need now - is to select when to start our recurrence profile and when to finish it up. So, let's set the start date/time and stop date/time. If you don't need time markings, use all-day mode. After that, you can run the camera!

Your first session with the recurrence profile is finished. Now your profile is saved. Please, find in the modes drop-down list:

As you can see, your recurrence pattern is named according to the conditions you pointed out in the Custom recurrence popup. You can launch it again at any time.

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