How to setup an alert zone?

Have you created your location and camera profile? The next step is to create an alert zone.  An Alert zone is an area in which you are interested in controlling activity. 

Press the Alert zone button:

Alert zone can be selected both for the entire frame and an arbitrary area on the screen. 

Polygon is another name for the alert zone, where the camera is focused to detect alerts. It is made of corners and bones. You can add/delete as many corners/bones as possible.

First, you need to set the Polygon. Press the left mouse button to put the corner or the right mouse button to delete. When two corners are overlapped the polygon will close.

The second thing that you have to do is to select detection mode. Let's revise again all the modules:

The Human detector module detects any stranger entering your area.

The Object detector module detects any foreign object entering your area. 

The Camdog mode will protect an object placed in the alert zone. If the object disappears from this zone- an alert will be triggered.

The Loitering detection module detects any stranger walking in your area for more than 5 seconds.  (will be announced later)

The ALPR recognition module determines the license plate number of the vehicle in your area. (will be announced later)

The Face Recognition module recognizes faces. (will be announced later)

So, let's draw an alert zone! 

Press the left mouse button and create a geometrical figure. Each click by left mouse button is one more point and one more angle. 

After editing the alert zone on the camera canvas click Save.  (3)

(4) You could change the sensitivities of detection algorithms by pressing the Additional settings buttons and playing with the sensitivities bar.

(5) You can read a quick help

(6) You can resize the image to the original and set your polygon more precisely.

(7) You can refresh the image from your camera immediately.

(8) You can set the correct view by using PTZ settings if your camera supports this mode.

Now, your alert zone is done and you can use the camera!

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